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Nissan Elgrand

Meet the sleek and futuristic Nissan Elgrand

The Nissan Elgrand is a luxury MPV manufactured by Nissan since 1997, available in three model developments, the E50, the E51 and as of 2010 the E52. At this stage only the E50 and E51 models can be imported. It has been received a large amount of pulicity in asia due to it’s luxurious image, and many celebrities in Asia drive the Elgrand.

The Nissan Elgrand is a serious people mover, with powerful V6 engines available, and every luxury feature you could ever want including:

  • Dual Electric Rear Doors
  • Around View Monitor and Skyview Parking Assist
  • Leather Interior
  • Dual Zone Climate Control
  • CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) for super smooth driving and fuel economy



Nissan Elgrand E51

NAME Nissan Elgrand E51
PRODUCTION 2002-2010
DESCRIPTION E51 Specifications The Elgrand uses a 3.5l V6 VQ-series engine combined with a five-speed automatic transmission with Tiptronic shift for better response. Additional transmission controls include Power and Snow settings, as well as 4×4 power options. It employs a multilink rear suspension with ventilated disc brakes all around. The Elgrand exterior is quite different from that of its predecessor, now equipped with electronically remote-controlled doors, side mirrors with signal lights, a rear roof spoiler, and 16- (XL) or 17-inch (HWS) aluminum alloy wheels. The new front styling, including a chromed grille, gives the Elgrand a sportier look. Interior features include captain-style seats, an eight-speaker sound system with an optional nine-speaker system by Bose Corp., and a TV/DVD player with a nine-inch (229mm) screen. The Elgrand is also equipped with an eight-inch (203mm) LCD monitor in the dashboard for the Carwings Vehicle Information System (also known as VIS). Optional extras include heated front seats, electronic curtains and finer levels of interior trim, such as woodgrain effects on fascia panels and the steering wheel. The interior seating arrangement can be configured for dining by adjusting the front captain-style seats facing the back, and folding the second row of seats flat onto the seat cushions. Like most newer models produced by Nissan, the Elgrand comes with the “Keyless-go” feature for enhanced user convenience. Higher spec Elgrands like the Highway Star, Rider, X and XL versions come with an internal GPS system dedicated for use in Japan. An optional GPS system for Hong Kong and Guangdong Province in China is available. [edit]E51 model variations The current 2009 Nissan Elgrand includes either a 3.5L 240 bhp (179 kW; 243 PS) or 2.5L engine in five model types: V VG X XL Highway Star Rider


Nissan Elgrand E50

NAME Nissan Elgrand E50
PRODUCTION 1997-2002
ENGINE VG33E, VQ35DE and diesel QD32ETi and ZD30DDTi
DESCRIPTION The first generation of the Nissan Elgrand produced from May 1997 – May 2002. Various engine combinations were available including the petrol VG33E, VQ35DE and diesel QD32ETi and ZD30DDTi. The E50 had a 4 speed automatic transmission and came in either 2- or 4-wheel drive.