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Nissan Skyline Crossover J50

Boy-Racer Grows Up: Introducing the Skyline Crossover


Skyline Crossover J50The Skyline Crossover was released in July 2009, a perfect combination of SUV space, comfort and safety, with the sporty lines and underpinnings of the V36 Skyline.

The Skyline Crossover shares the same chassis and engine as the V36 Skyline and 370Z. The VQ37VHR engine with VVEL technology delivers 243kW with high response and high torque for an exhilarating driving experience. The powertain also offers cleaner emissions and good fuel-efficiency. Powerful, seamless and continuous acceleration is realized by mating the powertrain to a 7-speed automatic transmission with a manual shift mode. Stable handling and supple ride comfort are optimally balanced for a pleasurable drive. The auto transmission offers manual shift mode and downshift rev matching for a more exciting driving experience.



As you’d expect of luxury cars in this class, the Skyline Crossover is feature-packed. ABS brakes, stability control, traction control, a plush leather interior boasting multiple airbags, heated power-adjustable seats, heated door mirrors, dual zone climate control and a BOSE sound system with Bluetooth and iPod connectivity. The Crossover is a flagship model in the Nissan range and really shows off the best technology that Nissan is producing, such as:

  • Around View Monitor(AVM) with Parking Guide: This system uses 4 cameras on the exterior of the car which provides a 360 degree top down view of the car’s surroundings. The front and rear camers also utilzie a 180 degree fish eye lens to help see around blind spots.
  • Lane Departure Prevention and Warning system: Using a camera to monitor the car’s position in a lane, an audio warning is given if the car is unintentionally straying from that lane, and the stability control system can be used to apply brakes on either the left or right side of the car to gently steer back into its lane.
  • Radar Cruise Control Adjustment with Forward Collision Warning: Using radar, the car’s computer controls the cruise control system to maintain a safe distance from the car in front. The Forward Collision Warning will trigger an audible alarm if the driver is too close to a car in front and in danger.
  • ‘Smart Key’ Keyless Entry and Keyless Start: The car can be opened and started without inserting the key, by monitoring the proximity of the key to the car. The driver doesn’t need to find the key or even take it out of their pocket, as long as they have it with them. The Welcome Lighting system will turn on lights under the side mirrors to illuminate the ground, and will turn on the interior lights when the driver approaches with the smart key.
  • ‘Scratch Shield’ Self-Healing Paint: This next generation vehicle paint is capable of ‘healing’ minor scratches to the body work, thanks to an elastic resin in the paint. The process is automatic and takes around 7 days.
  • Active AFS (Adaptive Front lighting System): This active lighting system directs the headlight beam in the direction the car is being steered, helping driver visibility on winding roads at night time.


Skyline Crossover J50

NAME Nissan Skyline Crossover J50
PRODUCTION 2009 to Current
TRANSMISSION 7 Speed Automatic with Manual Shift Mode and Down-Shift Rev Matching
ENGINE 3,696 cc (3.696 L; 225.5 cu in) V6 (VQ37VHR)
DESCRIPTION Crossover changes include: New body colours ceramic blue (metallic), dark metal grey (metallic), franboise red (2-coat pearl) for total of 6 colours The revised Skyline Sedan and Crossover went on sale on 2010-11-15