20 Years of Exotic Imports


One of the most important aspects of import transactions is the cost, speed and efficiency of shipping. CARizma is in a unique position. Due to our buying power we have an excellent relationship with many major shipping companies in Japan.

These relationships allow us to provide our customers with the best possible customer service with economical and efficient shipping. Shipping time usually takes between 10-14 days and costs on average $1000.00 per car.


Shipping & Transport Insurance

CARizma provides shipping insurance through it’s extensive marine insurance policy, at a cost of around $200.00 per vehicle. This policy insures the vehicle to the Australian market value price with an excess of $1000.00 on used vehicles and $500.00 for new. The policy covers the vehicle from the point of shipment from Japan to the point of delivery being the address of the purchaser.


Quality Checks

All vehicles imported by CARizma undergo a comprehensive quality inspection administered by our buyers overseas. Each vehicle is groomed and checked closely against the details logged in at the time of purchase. This includes the vehicle’s condition, features, options and any damage or demerits the vehicle may have. The inspections take place and at the same time each vehicle is photographed to ensure that all vehicles are exactly as described when they reach our customers.


Japanese Vehicle Grading system

In order to convey the exact condition of the vehicle at the time of purchase, the following Japanese grading system is used.

Grade Condition:
8.0 New Car
7.0 New Car Registered
5.0 As New Condition
4.5 Excellent Condition
4.0 Excellent Condition needs minor attention
3.5 Good Condition requires some repairs
3.0 Average Condition requires repairs
2.5 Average Condition requires extensive repairs
2.0 Below Average Condition
1.0 Modified Vehicle
A or 0.0 Accident Vehicle Category

For Shipping cars from the USA please contact us for further information as Vehicle location, port of departure and port of arrival all have different procedures and related costs.