20 Years of Exotic Imports

Right Hand Drive Conversions

Right hand drive conversions are essential for any vehicle imported from the US. Over the years Carizma has developed a unique system for left to right hand drive conversions, performed in house at our Registered Automotive Workshop by our experienced team.


The Right Hand Drive Conversion Process

We refer to our process as a ‘mirror image’ process, where we  transfer all the components over to mirror the original engineering and design when the vehicle was first built. How the vehicle operated in left-hand drive, it will now operate in right hand drive. For some components this is not possible, so we adopt a safe approach to redesign when needed. All work is carried out in accordance with the National Code of Practices and also the requirements outlined in the Vehicle Safety Standard Act from the Federal Government’s new Low Volume Scheme and Specialist and Enthusiast Scheme to fit Import Plates to second hand imported vehicles.

Original Driving Side prior to Right Hand Drive Conversion

Original Driving Side prior to Conversion

Completed Right Hand Drive Conversion

Completed Right Hand Drive Conversion

In the past conversions were a fairly simple process, when the classic American muscle cars were fairly straightforward in terms of engineering and safety features. This is not the case with modern vehicles however. In the last decade many safety features have been developed and are now standard in most cars: electronic traction control, electronic stability control, ABS, tyre pressure monitoring systems, power steering, multiple air bags, load cells and seat position sensors for airbag deployment. Each year the list of features grows, meaning very careful work has to be done to complete the right hand drive conversion process.

Because of this complexity, Carizma has to assess each vehicle prior to commencing the conversion process. To ensure the highest possible quality of the final conversion of your dream ride, we need to be sure before we begin that all these complex features have been accounted for and will be fully operational when you drive away. The purpose of a right hand drive conversion is not only to make it look good, the purpose is also to ensure a safe and fully functioning ride that wont fall apart when you point it at the first corner.


Safety Features and Airbag Sensors

As mentioned, there are many safety features in modern cars that we need to consider when performing a conversion.

Driver side airbag deployment can be influenced by seat position. A sensor on the driver’s seat detects the seat position sensor and determines how close the driver is to the steering wheel. The closer the driver is to the steering wheel, the quicker the airbag will deploy in the event of an accident. The further the driver is from the steering wheel, the slower the airbag will deploy in the event of an accident.

The front passenger seat is usually fitted with load cell(s) which can be calibrated to a determined weight. The sensor will send the weight of the occupant of this seat to the car’s computer. If the weight on the front seat is over the determined weight, the passenger side airbag(s) will deploy in the event of an accident to protect the occupant of that seat. If there is insufficient weight on the seat in the event of an accident, the passenger side airbag(s) will not deploy. This can avoid unnecessary interior damage and higher repair costs.

We take the same careful and fully documented approach with all of the other safety components and complex electrical components in your car to ensure nothing goes wrong and you’re always fully protected in your ride.