20 Years of Exotic Imports

Import Fees, Finance and Terms

Roadworthiness and Registration

CARizma ensures that all vehicles we import are delivered with appropriate roadworthy certificates. according to each state. Registration can either be done through us or personally by making an appointment with your local road traffic authority.


Selling an Import

Any import purchased from CARizma, whether before or after registration can be sold without restriction, subject to any state or Territory requirements, (such as roadworthy certificates).


CARizma fees & charges

CARizma’s charges are a $1100 flat rate per import, including GST. This fee includes all work involving buying, shipping, filing of paperwork, converting the vehicle to Australian standards and the general roadworthiness of the vehicle.Our fees are not negotiable however you will usually find due to our large buying power we can source cars much cheaper and therefore our fees will usually be covered by the savings passed on to the purchaser.


Finance & Insurance

Finding the right finance and insurance for your import can be tricky. CARizma has a strong affiliation with many Banks and Finance companies and can provide finance at very competitive rates. We also have strong affiliations many insurance companies and can advise on the best cause of action regarding all insurance matters.


Spare Parts

In case of spare parts CARizma provides an extensive spare parts service, so if a specific part is needed which is not available here in Australia it can be sourced from Japan either second hand or new.

*Parts will usually be delivered within 2 weeks



As CARizma is a licensed motor car trader, we are in a position to offer warranties. From one to five year warranties can be offered to any one who purchases a vehicle through CARizma. Twelve month comprehensive warranties cost $500, Three year warranties $800 and five year $1000 these warranties cover all major components of the motor vehicle.


Terms of Trade

For an import order to be made, a 10% deposit based on the current total Australian cost of importing the particular vehicle must be deposited with us. This is to ensure only genuine orders are taken and this amount is refunded if an order is cancelled before the vehicle has been purchased from Japan.

Once an order has been filled a proforma invoice will be sent to you advising that the requested unit(s) have been purchased.

The following procedure is carizma’s payment system:

  • Buyer pays Carizma a $1,100 Deposit
  • Once a vehicle is purchased, the buyer pays the FOB cost of the vehicle.
  • As the car arrives in Melbourne, the buyer pays shipping/customs/taxes for the vehicle.
  • Upon completion of compliance, the buyer picks up the car and makes final payment for compliance and any other outstanding balance.

Once the particular vehicle has been purchased from Japan the deposit is no longer refundable and is forfeited if the order is cancelled from this time onwards.

However if the vehicle arrives in Australia and it is significantly different than what was stated in the contract or has been damaged, CARizma will accept full responsibility and either refund the deposit or repair the damage.